Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Kathy Coopmans

The Art of Romance Promotion's Review:

Erin McIntyre has had it rough, however she is strong. A single mother of her six year old daughter she will do anything and everything to survive. When Erin is offered a safe place to stay and a new job she felt maybe her luck is changing. Something good and positive, she is introduced to her cousins best friend Adam. Before Erin knows it Adam becomes more than a friend. She is scared of this, she has major trust issues. 

Adam Payne believed he would be alone forever. He was totally okay with single life. Until Erin McIntyre entered his life. He instantly fell for her. Adam wants to take care of her, love her and make her feel that she deserves the love he has for her no matter what. He won't allow for distractions to pull them apart he know that they can make it work. 

Erin past comes to haunt there new beautiful relationship. Erin isn't use to feeling this way about a man nor trusting one. Will she pack up and run or will she allow the love she so deserves?

Kathy Coopmans novel titled Rescue Me. This is book 2 in Kathy's Shelter Me Series. I totally could not wait to read Adam's Story. He was Luke's best friend in Shelter Me. I must say Kathy has done it again. Some words I used to describe this novel are: thrilling, phenomenal, captivating and just plain BEAUTIFUL!!! Kathy has again captured my heart in this story. I literally read this is one sitting. Kathy has a keen sense in story-telling. While reading this I can tell this story came straight from her heart. When reading Shelter Me, I felt that the writing was perfect and then in Rescue Me she just wowed me! This author was born to write! Personally I have to connect to the characters or nothing will flow for me no matter how sexy the couple seems on paper. The emotions that Erin & Adam had left me speechless and I wanted more and more. I am still suffering from a big book hangover. Kathy will be a go to author of mine from now on. If you are ready for an emotional roller coaster and fantastic story let Rescue Me....rescue you!!

I give Rescue Me 5 out of 5 stars

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