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Title: Convincing Bet 
Author: K.S. Adkins
Release Date: January 11, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Suspense

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You may not have heard of me, but no worries. Detroit knows me. I’m the old money that new money tries to be. Elite company that you wish you could be in. But if you’re ever lucky enough to get to see my life up close, you’d find that what I want more than anything is to be like you. No privileges. No status. No trust funds. The life I have, the same you seek, is costing me and I knew of only one way out. My escape was the reason for my downfall. Death. When I’m finally close to it, I meet the man who attempts the impossible. He tries to convince me to live. She is a job, the final payment for a debt owed. I’m not supposed to want her, but I have to have her. When she offers me money to kill her, I make her a deal instead. Now I’ve got seven days to change her mind or risk losing her forever. Convincing Bet to live will be the toughest job I’ve ever had. The payoff will be worth it… as long as we both live to see it.


Sitting outside I wondered if I'd ever be warm again. No matter what I did, I was always so fucking cold. No, I'm not anemic; what I am is lost and alone. My family had kept me safe and warm. Without them, I've been eternally frozen. When I opened my eyes and realized I'd lived another day, the disappointment was crushing. Why can't I just be with them? I served no purpose here, I was in the process of giving my money away so what use was I? How much money did I even need? Even if I lit it all on fire, I make enough on my investments to live comfortably for three lifetimes. Only, I didn't even want to exist in this one.

by Emily H.

Bet is a woman with power and all the money she could ever know what to do with but yet shes not happy and doesn't think she ever will be. She lost her whole family tragically and she just cannot get past it until a man comes into her life.

In comes Rio. Rio is doing this job of tracking down Bet for a debt that he owes to a mean someone who Bet just cannot seem to get away from. Rio tracks her down but she's gotten up under his skin before he even knows what has happened!!

The both find themselves in a predicament that neither of them thought would ever happen again.

I just have to point out here that I was laughing and smiling throughout the whole book!!! This book is absolutely amazing and the author is now my new favorite author!!!! I would give this book 10 stars if I could but as I can only give five that's what it will be. This is a book that I just want to shout out and tell everyone they HAVE to read it. This is a book that I am going to read again and again!!

Some people dream of being a doctor, teacher or social worker when they grow up. 
Not me. 
I wanted to be a sniper, ninja, rapper and a stripper (all at once). Since none of things happened to me, I write stories.
Stories about bad ass women (because duh, women are bad ass) the men that show up for the ride with a bunch of awkward sex thrown in.
I am dialogue heavy.
I swear a lot.
I like violence.
I like angst.
I am slightly insane.
I do the things I write about, consequences be damned.
I toe the line of morally corrupt and do it with a smoke in my mouth and a drink in my hand.
My name is KS Adkins, nice to fucking meet you.

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Detroit After Dark Series
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