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by Shae Scott
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"Expectation is the root of all heartache.” William Shakespeare

Keaton Harris always thought he would be reporting from the front lines as a hard-hitting news reporter. He never expected to become a best-selling romance writer. But the job definitely has its perks, like the long line of ladies who are eager to become his muse for a night.

He doesn’t expect to meet Quinn Ryan at a book convention. He doesn’t expect to be taken with her so quickly. She is beautiful. Smart. Quiet…and totally giving him the cold shoulder.

Quinn has no interest in becoming a Keaton Harris groupie, no matter how hot he is. She learned a long time ago that playboys make dangerous playthings. But when he proves to be more than she expected she finds herself weakening to his charms.

One week. That’s all it was supposed to be. One week to have an adventure, to be someone else. It was never supposed to go any further than that.

Maybe that Shakespeare guy was on to something.


Keaton Harris dreamed on writing breaking edge news. He never imagined being a best selling romance author. Of course it had perks he took full advantage of. I mean really what woman doesn't want to spend the night with the man who creates their favorite characters. Quinn Ryan has no desire to become one of Keaton's groupies, but he can't keeps his eyes off her or forget her. With a little push from Quinn's best friend Lily she takes the jump for a week of fun. When that week is up can these two go their opposite ways with no regrets.

What an interesting concept for a novel. While I am actually a little deterred when I see a male has written a romance this book makes me want to try them out! Who wouldn't want to meet the man whose mind can come up with some of your favorite characters and love stories. I mean if they can write they have to have to believe it in some way right. Well not true for Keaton. He is 100% against love, but seeing him fall throughout the book is pretty funny, yet sad for Quinn. I loved the push and pull between these two characters and how much they need each other. Quinn is one strong woman whom I really felt for throughout the book. Miles and Lily were a great addition to the story. I especially loved the last line. Maybe a novella or book to come? :)

Growing up an only child, Shae Scott fell in love with words at an early age, learning the best friends in the world can be found among the pages of a book.

Born in Oklahoma, she fell in love on vacation in San Francisco and ended up with a happily ever after in Missouri.

Her first book, Unfinished, was released in 2014. She currently lives outside Kansas City with a bearded man, a Pomeranian and a cat formally known as Tinkerbell Waffles. She loves rainy days, the month of February and the Kansas City Royals.

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