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Title: Twice Lost Author: Jennifer Fields Genre: Paranormal Erotica Book Tour: April 20-24 Hosted by: SBB Promotions
Jenna Thanatos thought she was ordinary; just your everyday girl with a healthy sexual appetite and a few kinks to boot. After moving to Maine to be closer to her boyfriend, Kyle, Jenna was starting a new chapter in her life. Little did she know, this chapter had more to offer than she ever thought possible.
One night of fun exhibitionism turns Jenna’s world upside down and shoves her face first into a world she never knew existed. Harbinger. Female Harbinger. The thing of legends, a myth foretold by ancient seers, but it couldn’t be true. She was just her. Besides, things like that didn’t exist. After being kidnapped, shot at, chased, and sprouting wings, she wasn’t so sure anymore.
Timoteus, an ancient Harbinger, has been searching for Jenna for years after finding out that she truly did exist, keeping a long-term promise to an old friend to watch over his family line. His duties were to protect her, train her, and make the foretold prophecy come to fruition. After saving Jenna, they find themselves still being hunted, landing Tim right in the middle of an operation he never dreamed could exist.
Benneit Colebrook took over his father’s business after his death last year. When the mention of a female Harbinger was whispered in his ear, he knew he had to have the rare and precious being to add to his collection. And, he would do anything to get her.
Jenna now finds herself in an underground compound with two sexy as hell men, hiding away from the people hell-bent on taking her. Why? She has no clue. Yesterday she was normal, today she’s not only in a fight for her life, but also the lives of all beings that have been disappearing for centuries.
Will Jenna be able to accept who she is and face this new world head-on, or will everything come crumbling down before she has a fighting chance?


Jenna thought she was your average over-sexed 28 year old who enjoyed sex with her boyfriend, Kyle, in public. One night, a public tryst turns deadly and Jenna finds herself in naked and in serious trouble. She is rescued by Ben, one of Kyle's college friends, who had been in attendance of Jenna's and Kyle's performance. Ben is a high power lawyer turn art dealer after inheriting the family business. Ben takes Jenna back to his mansion to recover from the night's events. What neither of them know is they are being watched. As Ben makes his move on Jenna, she can't help but succumb to the gorgeous man's advances. While in the heat of passion, armed men break into Ben's home and finally kidnap Jenna. Jenna is then drugged and thrown in a concrete crypt and trucked off to a barn in the remote hills of Maine. But someone is watching. When Jenna comes to, she tries to break free only to realize where she is and begins to scream. A lost hiker happens upon the barn and takes Jenna's captors by surprise and with little effort frees Jenna.

Tim takes Jenna to a local motel to help her make sense of what is happening. Tim has been watching Jenna for a very long time after he discovered she is the only female Harbinger in existence. Jenna has no idea of what she is but after all she's been through she can't help but trust Tim. Tim has known Jenna would come along for millennia and he promised an old friend he would protect her. But Tim has to break the news to Jenna as to what she is. When she is angry, she grows horns, claws, fangs, and sprouts wings. Not a girl's idea of beauty, but this is what Harbinger's are....Harbinger's of Death and her kind are tasked with taking the worst of the worst across the River Styx into Hell. Along the way, Tim is captured and taken to a underground storage facility where other supernatural beings are being held and tortured. In an attempt to rescue Time, Jenna is meets Tye and Gabe. Both otherworldly beings with their own secrets. Gabe is a Blood Angel and Tye.....well Jenna isn't sure and Tye isn't telling. Along the way, Gabe and Tye train Jenna to control her change and train in the warrior ways. Things get complicated with Gabe and Jenna fall in love. But the trio must focus on rescuing Tim. The trio locate Tim and help Tim and the other prisoners escape except things don't go as planned.

This is the first book by Jennifer Field I have read but it definitely won't be the last! The story flowed well and just when  you thought Jenna was finally safe.....BAM....something goes wrong and the ride starts all over. The character develop was really entertaining. You are introduced to Tim and Jenna and know what the are. Gabe's true identity is hinted throughout the story until toward the end when he reveals what he truly is. Tye remains an enigma with Jenna struggling to determine what supernatural being he is. That is what makes the book so much fun. The addition of new characters at the end make for a smooth transition into the next book. The book is definitely intended for 18+ as the sex scenes are HOT. Can't wait for the next book in the series.

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Jennifer's debut full length novel Twice Lost - Book 1 in the Harbinger Series was released in September 2014 under the Forever Red Publishing label. She is currently working on four Novella length books within the Harbinger Series to be released in-between her full length novels just to keep the steaminess going. She currently lives in Western Massachusetts and has a love for adventure that makes her who she truly is. As an avid mountain climber & hiker it is not unusual for her to be hanging off of a 5.9 in the Adirondacks or the Shawangunk Mountain ranges. During the off season of climbing, also known as winter, she attends the New England Center for Circus Arts where she studied static trapeze (think Cirque rather than Circus). She an only child so has her mother to thank for her over active imagination and knack for storytelling. Over the years she's written several short stories of the "naughty" nature. But had never envisioned herself as a writer. Just someone who enjoyed telling a steamy story
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