Friday, October 16, 2015

Title: Enough: A Novel
Author: Dawn L. Chiletz
Genre: Contemporary Inspirational Romance
Release Date: October 11, 2015 
My name is Everly. I’m a stay-at-home mom of two beautiful kids. I have a husband who provides for our family, but I don’t think he loves me anymore. Inside I die a little every day.
I am not enough. Not enough of a mother, a wife, a friend, a woman… I’m not enough to get you to stay, to love me or to accept me. There’s a battle I’m fighting. It’s a battle within myself.
I’m a fixer; I help others. I try to make everyone around me happy and whole, yet I haven’t figured out a way to fix myself.
When time and circumstances push me to my breaking point, I’m forced to take a hard look at what I’ve become. A failed marriage, a failed attempt at a career, and a failed attempt at being a mother. I’m not enough to hold any of it.
This is my story. It’s about trying to figure out how to be happy with who I am, how to love myself again, and how to allow others to love me. When a second chance at love is standing in front of me, will I be able to see anything more than my broken reflection in his eyes? Will I be able to rebuild and reinvent myself when everything falls apart? Can I find the love I truly deserve?
Will I ever be enough?

5 Beautiful Emotional Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Everly is a stay-at-home mom of two beautiful children. She has a husband who provides for them, but she doesn't think he loves her. Heck she doesn't even think she likes herself, so how could someone else love her. Lost with no direction is where Everly finds herself. A failed marriage, a failed attempt at a career, and feeling like a failed mother Everly is out to discover herself. On her journey she runs into her ex-boyfriend. This could be her second chance at love, but will Everly be able to see past the self-doubt or will she stay lost.

What an absolutely gripping story of self and the struggle people have finding it. Of course it is also a love story that bats you back and forth, but really the trials and tribulations Everly and even her friend Gwen go through keeps them easy to relate to and their strength is inspiring. You hear of people dealing with issue like Everly and the struggle they have to persevere. This story gives you a bit of a deeper look into how some people are able to find themselves and how they get there. Cooper and Nick had their struggles with both of these ladies and handle things pretty well! mmm Nick and Cooper!!! Another great part of this book is Grandma Kay. Kay is piss your pants funny, wild, free grandma everyone loves and calls their own. Wonderful, wonderful job by Dawn L Chiletz. To say this is a page turner is an understatement. 
“This story is very well written, and I feel a must read for anyone who might be in a bad relationship or feeling they are inadequate. I love the message of the story, YOU ARE ENOUGH. never doubt yourself, you are stronger than you think.” ~ The Book Sirens
“If I could give this more than 5 Stars, I would. This book, I have no words to describe how much I loved this book. This book is raw, it is bone chilling, it is heartbreaking and this book makes you think. But then it is sexy, heartwarming, exciting, and the journey of one women discovering that she is Enough is simply beautiful.” ~ A Beautiful Book Blog
“Mom, where are my soccer cleats?” Marlow yells from her room.

“I think I saw them by the dog’s bed in the family room.”

Marlow thuds down the hall then rounds the corner into the kitchen. “Can you untie my shorts?” she asks.

I put the lid back on the roast and close the oven door before I bend down and sigh in frustration. “Did you make this knot?” 

“Yes,” she responds. “I didn’t want them to fall down when I was running, but now I have to pee and I can’t get them off.”

I attempt to dig my nail into the fabric, but there’s no nail there to use. My nail-biting habit is out of control again.

“Mom!” I hear Kale scream from upstairs.

“Kale, if you want to talk to me, come down the stairs and speak in a normal voice.” 

“I don’t want to come downstairs. I just wanted you to know that Marlow left her stinky socks on the bathroom floor.”

I sigh at Marlow as she dances from place to place. “I really have to pee, Mom,” she whispers in fear.

“Why did you leave your socks on the bathroom floor?” I ask as I manage to make a small dent in the fabric. 

“They were wet.”

“Why were they wet?”

“Roscoe peed in the hall and I stepped in it.”

I stop what I’m doing and stare at my six-year-old daughter. 

“What?” she asks with her hands in the air.

The timer on the oven sounds, letting me know the roast is ready.

“Mom!” Kale hollers. “Roscoe peed in the hall again.”

“Then clean it up!” I shout back in irritation.

“Eww… no way!” he responds.

The timer continues to beep when the phone rings. I stand and pull Marlow toward it. I hit answer and place it on my shoulder before bending down to return to the knot from hell. She’d make a great sailor. 


“Did you pay the credit card bill this month?”

“Well hi, Mike,” I respond. “I’m fine, how are you?”

“Shit, Everly, just answer the damn question.”

I sigh. “Yes, I paid it.”

“Are you sure? Because I still have a balance and I told you to pay it off.”

“Mom!” Kale yells from upstairs.

“I did pay it. I called it in a week ago.” 

“Mom?” Kale shouts again.

Marlow continues to dance in front of me as I finally free her from her binds and she rushes toward the bathroom. 

I stand and turn off the annoying timer.

“What’s the confirmation number?” Mike asks.

“I don’t know, Mike. I’m kinda busy right now.”

He chuckles into the phone. “You have no idea what it means to be busy. You should see my desk right now.”

I pierce my lip with my tooth and begin to form the f to my favorite word when Kale charges down the stairs. I stop myself on the consonant.

“Didn’t you hear me, Mom? I called you like a hundred times!”

“Must be nice to sit around all day while I work and claim you’re too busy to get a simple number for me.”

“Mom!” Marlow cries out. “There’s no toilet paper!”

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