Monday, August 17, 2015

Title: The Ambassador & Unlikely Love Story
Author: Mia Villano 
Release Day: August 11, 2015 

Isabella Piori is twenty six years old, beautiful, feisty and smart. The daughter of a loving Italian family, she has never left the family business. Although her family is against her leaving, Isabella pursues a career outside as the assistant to the French Attaché. This is a job of her dreams working at the French Embassy and pursuing her own career. The one thing Isabella was not looking for was Fabrice Arbidoux, the French Ambassador. 

The night of the Starlight Gala, Isabella meets the man who will change her life in ways she never could imagine. Recently out of a relationship that caused her much pain, Isabella isn’t ready to fall in love. Though, there is something about Fabrice Arbidoux that she finds overwhelmingly attractive. The way he speaks, carries himself and the power he exudes all make Isabella sexually aware of her need to be with him. He can’t keep his eyes off of her during the gala, and the sexual tension is high the next Monday when she starts her job. 

When the Ambassador can’t hold back his feelings for her, she runs, afraid this will ruin her career she has tried so hard to achieve. After taking some time to think about it, Isabella realizes maybe a sexual relationship with no strings attached is what she needs. One night she accepts his invitation for a date and things heat up. When he takes her back to his house, they give in to their lust for each other, but it is not what Isabella expected. 

Fearing that he may have issues, Isabella insists that he tell her what’s wrong, and Fabrice comes clean with a secret he was afraid would push her away. 

Isabella has a secret as well, and one she is not ready to tell him just yet. 

An unforgettable story of two people looking for true love and happiness from different lives brought together for one thing, true love. It is a story of what life can be like if you open your heart and mind to something new and wonderful.

Beautiful Mastered, Original Plot , Sexy yet Brilliant 5 Star Novel

Isabella Piori is beautiful, intelligent, and spirited. She has made a decision not follow in the family business. She is independent and wants more for herself.
Isabella is delighted when she is hired to be the assistant of The French Attache’. Little did she know here life would be altered forever?

Isabella is determined to put her career first after her last unsuccessful relationship. Then she meet him…

Ambassador Fabrice Arbidoux

Fabrice Arbidoux is very smart, handsome and powerful. He is instantly attracted to Isabella. Fabrice tells Isabella how he feels. However, The Ambassador has a secret. He finds a way to confide in Isabella because she is what he wants.

Isabella feels that things are going to fast with Fabrice and agrees to have a sexual relationship with him only. She has her own skelton’s in the closet that she isn’t ready to discuss.

Will they find love or will there arrangement be enough?

Mia Villano novel titled The Ambassador & Me… an Unlikely Love Story. This is the second novel of Mia that I have had the privilege to read. I really really enjoy the authors writing style. She has a way to pull you in just enough to keep you interested that you keep turning pages on day on your kindle. Mia is a great storyteller, where you fall for the characters and try and picture yourself at the scene of ball or in the bedroom!!! It was amazedly done. You can also tell that this author writes straight from the soul she wants you to connect with her characters and I totally loved and respected this while reading this novel. The plot isn’t what I find to be a normal romance novel; I especially loved that while reading the synopsis of this book!!! I love variety when it comes to romance novels and she totally gave me that.
I wish I could give this book higher that a perfect 5 star rating I loved it that much!!! I recommend this to readers. Mia Villano has a reader here for life.

“Love prefers twilight to daylight.”
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.




My love for politics and romance inspired me to write my first international bestselling erotic romance.
Loving The Senator is the first book in the Capitol Affairs Series.  The second book in this series is currently in the works.
The latest book, The Ambassador and Me is the first book in the Ambassador Trilogy.
When I'm is not writing, I love to hike,cook, and spend time with her two daughters.
There are a few things besides hot politicians that I like
Trailer Park Boys particularly Ricky
Coffee by the gallons with Italian Cream
I claim to be a full time vegetarian but when I am stressed out I have to have a McDouble.(sshh)
I love second hand stores and found an authentic Gucci purse once for 1.00
I love Howard Stern and obsessively listen to him everyday.
Music is my life. I listen to anything from Sinatra to JayZ
I have two wiener dogs named Louie and Frankie and two cats named Gotti and Fat Tony. I also have an obsession with the Mob as you can see.
I got my first tattoo just recently of my book title down my arm
I will be a millionaire by the time I'm fifty. I plan on self publishing at least six more books this year.

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