Sunday, August 2, 2015

Title: Scandal
Series: Serial Part One
Author: Alison Foster Cover Designer: Jo Raven
Genre: NA Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 31, 2015
Ella Wade knew working at a website called The Daily Scandal might lead to an interesting summer job after graduating college. She did not know that one big mistake would pull her into the heart of a sleazy world of publicity where truths are worse than lies and a murderer is on the loose.
When Ella gives into temptation and sleeps with her stepsister Madison's ex, her world flips upside down. It doesn't matter that Madison is dead or that Jaxson Cole wasn't, in fact, her boyfriend but a publicist's stunt to link two of the hottest catwalk models romantically in order to feed tabloid curiosity. The damage is done and with deadly consequences.
Even worse, Jax definitely knows things he won't say. Falling for his epic hotness could mean one good screw will screw Ella for a lifetime.


Ella Wade knew working for Daily Scandal  would make her life interesting. Little did she know her boss would put her on the story of her ex-step-sister, Madison's, death. Never in a million years did she think she would end up sleeping with her sister's ex-boyfriend, who was never really her boyfriend contrary to the belief of the public. Let alone is she sleeping with her sister's ex he happens to be one the most recognized faces in the world, Jaxson Cole. Jax is hiding secrets and showing Ella a world she never knew existed, but must remain a secret.

What an interesting start to this series. Jaxson is a little odd to me in the way he acts, but it all seems to be a part of his persona. He becomes more human and normal to me when around Ella. Jax and Ella have an interesting start to their relationship. I don't know about anyone else, but at the end of this I have my guess at who is involved it he beautiful Madison's death. The end is not only a cliff hanger, but also leaves you going what is going on right now. So many questions, so many thoughts as to what will happen. I look forward to continuing the journey that is Jaxson and Ella's relationship. Great job Alison Foster I can not wait for more!
Jaxson opens his door to get out and circles the car to open mine. I welcome the cool, fresh air that enters my pores and nostrils. He takes off his jacket to wrap it around my shoulders. He takes my hand and we walk through the empty park until we get to some trees.
Jaxson pushes me backward until my back is up against a tree trunk. “You’re so beautiful, Ella. So courageous,” he whispers in my ear.
And there, in the midst of the turmoil and uncertainty we have created, Jaxson kisses me again. His strong, muscular body crushes onto mine, literally pushing me into the tree.

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