Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Torn between two men; one was what I needed, the other was what I wanted.
One man was safe and the other was dangerous.
But both men would lay down their lives to save me.
ATF agent Sam Cortez is fighting to bring down the Estrada family empire, which was built on murder and corruption.
Alex Estrada did what was needed to keep me safe…and paid with his life.
Starting over as I try to rebuild my life, it’s clear that the past is never what it seems.
What no one knew was that we were all bound by lies.


Bound by Lies is the continuation of the story of Emilia Adams.  A large life change moves Emilia from small town Illinois to Phoenix, Arizona.  When she arrives in town, she meets a handsome stranger that will turn her world upside down. Settling in, Emilia gets a job she loves in a coffee shop and two potential love interests.
Torn between the two men in her life: the man she loves, bad boy Alex Estrada and the man she should settle down with because he is safe, Sam Cortez, Emilia does not know if she should listen to her head or heart.  After witnessing a graphic and horrible scene, Emilia’s decision is suddenly made for her. 
Rebecca Shea took me on an amazing roller coast ride with plenty of twists and turns.  You never saw what was coming next and did not want to put it down because you HAD to know what happened! This series is a MUST READ for 2015 and would definitely rate in my top 10 series reads ever. Fantastic job as always by the amazing Rebecca Shea.

​About The Author:
Rebecca Shea is the USA Today Bestselling author of Unbreakable. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her family and her beagle, Miles. From the time Rebecca could read she has had a passion for books. Rebecca spends her days working full-time and her nights writing, bringing stories to life. Born and raised in Minnesota, Rebecca moved to Arizona in 1999 to escape the bitter winters. When not working or writing, she can be found on the sidelines of her son’s football games, or watching her daughter at ballet class. Rebecca is fueled by insane amounts of coffee, margaritas, Laffy Taffy (except the banana ones), and happily ever afters.



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