Thursday, June 25, 2015

Title: Never Forgotten Love
Series: A Second Chances #1
Author: S.M. Stryker
Genre: Erotica/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 13, 2015

In this mature romance about lost loves, best friends and second chances author S.M. Stryker brings you the first installment of the Second Chances Series. 

Beckett was smaller than most boys his age growing up. This caused him to have little to no self-esteem while faced with the physical abuse he endured at the hands of his mother. 

His best friend Harlow, who’s not only beautiful, but tough as nails has been there for him since first grade. 

Unforeseen circumstances separated them with promises of always keeping in touch. Reminders of a friendship left behind, possessions taken away only lead to a friendship that was once the center of Beckett’s world. 

Ten years later, Beckett has the confidence and self-esteem to search for Harlow. The only problem is; she’s off the grid. Every day he thinks of her, every decision he’s made; has been with for her.

Could you ever believe in second chances? Have you ever wanted something so bad that when it was gone you never forgot it? You longed for it, everything you do was in preparation to have it again, and this time you won't let it go. You would do anything to protect it.
I kissed Harlow on the cheek, wiped away the tears that were falling and I leaned in close to her ear inhaling her floral fragrance that was all Harlow one last time trying to imprint it in my mind, and then I whispered in her ear, "I love you."

I'm not running from something, I'm running to someone. God, Beckett, don't you see, you're my lifeline; I'm not running from you, I running to you."

"This was the place where I fell in love with you Harlow, and even though I had a lot of bad memories here, I had the best memories here too. Memories of when we would sit on the swings and talk about the future when times were innocent, what do you want now Harlow? What are your dreams for the future?"
"You have infiltrated me completely, you make me feel alive Harlow, and I love that feeling. I have had my heart walled off for so long, and you have melted it so I can feel again."

Beckett knew no other way of life then the way he was growing up. At 4 years old Beckett met his neighbor Harlow. With no one home most of the time Beckett grew up next door with Harlow's family when ever he could. Then one day his world was ripped from him. His mom was getting married and they were moving away. For a little bit Beckett and Harlow kept in touch. Then fate, or Beckett's mean mom, took away all his forms of communication. Now all grown up Beckett is trying everything he can to find Harlow. Only problem...she is off the grid.

This is described as a story of lost loves, best friends, and second chances. This is 100% what this book is about. Add some mystery and interesting past and you have a fun read. I really enjoyed getting to see what it was like growing up and the relationship between Harlow and Beckett. Harlow was scrawny Beckett's protector and now it is time to turn the tables. Such a wonderfully written story about young love and the bond these two had formed. They knew each other so well, yet it surprised me that Harlow didn't think when Beckett dropped off the face of the Earth that maybe it had something to do with his mom. Same with her parents. They knew how horrible she was so it's not a hard concept to imagine. Regardless, great relationship, great energy, and lots of excitement!

Shelly (SM) married her husband 28 years ago and has four daughters and two grandchildren. 

She always knew, her life would make a good story...or soap opera but finding or making the time to write was always the issue. 

In April of 2014, she sat down in front of her computer and started to write. Through lots of tears, she wrote her first book that had a large part of her life in the story, that book was Stolen Innocence.

Now she finds that she has to write, this is her outlet, her sanctuary, and in every book she writes there’s always part of her life written into it.


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